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Kelin Flanagan
Amergin House Studios

From the first time I met Shannon, I could feel that a life-changing experience was upon me. Although I’ve been surrounded by music for my entire life, I’ve never been as connect and committed to the journey as I am in singing lessons. Shannon has given me the support and confidence to take risks in front of others and to really appreciate the beauty in learning- and in mistakes, sometimes!

She treats each student as an individual and knows how to motivate very different people.

My partner and I both take singing lessons from Shannon and thanks to her positivity and genuine love for music, we were able to sing at our own (and friends’) weddings without any hesitation.

I couldn’t imagine my life without Shannon and singing lessons. It’s the only pursuit I’ve felt the desire to work this hard at, because Shannon makes every experience a fun and rewarding one. Her insight into diverse topics means I’ve never left a lesson without having something new to think about. From anatomy to psychology, Shannon is really able to unlock so much joy and potential in her students. She has created a wonderful, inclusive, loving community that I am so grateful and lucky to be a part of.

She has also completely changed my perspective on classical and opera… I have an entirely new sense of awe listening to singers at the professional levels. (Including Shannon…her voice has literally brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion.)

Singing way out of your comfort zone is scary, but I always feel like I can do it with Shannon.

Christina Law,
Operations Manager and Singer

Lessons with Shannon have helped me to develop so much more than just my voice. I have gained more confidence in other aspects of my life- socially and at work. The environment that Shannon treats in her lessons is welcoming and joyful. I have been taking lessons from her for over ten years now and would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in expanding their muxical experience, or even just looking to try something fun and new! I would not the be person I am today if it were not for her.

Leaf Pattern Design

Jasmine Zyp

Singing with Shannon has given me the confidence to try any style of music. She has brought out music from me that that I didn’t even know I was capable of singing.

Liana Shannon
Professional Actor

I don't even know how to put into words what an incredible experience it is to take a class with Shannon!  She knows her subject at a level of genius and yet she makes her students (at whatever level they are at) feel they have the power to learn and grow and celebrate all their victories along the way.  It is a safe place to make mistakes along the way too and those are celebrated, as they are used as a tool to learn.  I have been taking performance classes all of my life and I have rarely seen an instructor with that combination of talent, knowledge, teaching ability and people skills.  She has an incredible impact on the lives of her students and her class has had an amazing impact on me personally.  I have always been afraid to sing in public and now I find myself singing along in front of people all the time.  The act of singing brings such joy into one's life and Shannon draws that out of you.  It doesn't matter what kind of day I've had before my class, I walk out of there full of joy and excited about what I've learned.  Both music and teaching are clearly a vocation for Shannon and I highly recommend taking her classes every chance you get!

Andrea Newman
Singer/ Songwriter

Lessons with Shannon have totally changed my perspective about singing and what I am capable of. I made the assumption that range was something that couldn't really be expanded, but only a few months into my lessons I found myself hitting notes that I had never dreamed I could hit, I thought they were impossible for me to reach. I appreciate Shannon's extremely positive and supportive attitude, it makes it much less nerve-wracking to take risks and try new tactics. I am so excited to see how much further I can go with her guidance!

Christina Nguyen

Shannon is one of the sweetest and most knowledgable instructors around. She taught with sensitivity and strength. She pushed us to go further, take risks and not be afraid to be wrong. She gave us valuable knowledge about our voices, bodies and gave us the technique that is needed to perform in a safe way. She created a supportive environment, and was always there for questions, guidance and personal problems. Even outside of class, she was supportive in our pursuit of our careers, and was only an email or a text away. 

Many of the things we learned in class, I had previously learned, but hadn’t fully understood. Shannon taught in a way that helped everything to click and allowed me to use these techniques and methods to further my exploration in my field. It was such a great experience to work with her, and I look forward to when we get to work together again!

Julia-Don Edwards

Class with Shannon was special in several ways, the most valuable of which being the importance placed on group discovery and growth. We were invited to learn as much as possible from one another’s strengths and challenges and built an incredible sense of ensemble because of it. Similarly, our ensemble’s incredible sense of trust in Shannon was grounded in her willingness to teach with an open heart and a sensibility for reason; Shannon did not try to shape us into the artists she wanted us to be but instead equipped us with the tools necessary in forging our own unique paths. She taught us how to understand the mechanics of our voice, body, and the text and invited us to discover the different ways we could manipulate and explore them. Shannon actively mentored us beyond the walls of our classroom, offering support and guidance in our growth as artists while maintaining a relationship of warm professionalism. Participating in a class with Shannon means challenging and expanding your knowledge of voice, body, and text, growing from the discovery of fellow classmates, and establishing a lasting and meaningful connection within the professional arts community. This a rare and valuable opportunity!

Matt Dejanovic

Any artist would be tremendously lucky if they got the opportunity to work with Shannon! The learning environment she created was consistently warm and welcoming. I remember having some pretty dull days but I could always look forward to Shannon's lessons because her classes were engaging, challenging, and focused. I watched my ensemble become stronger artists through her lessons, which taught us how to be disciplined and how to use effective acting methods, in order to reach our potential as actors. As a former science student who thinks more literally, it was super beneficial to see the importance in anatomy, stretching, and breath. One on one, she was willing to provide incredible support for personal issues and was a huge help in regards to stepping into the professional world. I hope I get to work, learn, and have some more laughs with her in the future! Thank you Shannon!

Zia Mizera

Shannon has a true love for making music come to life- and through this helps her students come to life. The sweet hour of musical abandon that I experience at lessons is the highlight of my week, every week!

Learning to sing can feel like a slow arduous process, and it can feel like not much changes in terms of ability from day to day. Shannon is respectful and cognizant of the difficulties of the learning process, while proving time and again that not only is it inevitable to improve, but also that the very act of singing unabashedly is a joyous reward in itself!

Cheryl Court

No matter your reason for working with Shannon, whether it is singing related, help with honing your acting skills or vocal training, Shannon brings so much more than you can ever imagine to every lesson she teaches. Her technical abilities and the accessible way she teaches mean that every lesson is timely and will move you closer towards your goals. She is by far the best coach I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Melanie Silot

Taking this singing course led by Shannon was life changing for me. She is welcoming, supportive and just made learning so much fun. Shannon created an uplifting space to learn at my own pace, I was nervous about singing in front of people, but thanks to Shannon she helped me explore my vocal abilities and break out of my shell. Her encouragement and positivity are infectious, and I’ve seen such a huge improvement in my voice, overall growth and confidence since starting. This was the best experience I could wish for just out of this world!  Thank you Shannon!




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